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Corporate Team Building Leicestershire

34 Windsor St is the perfect venue for team building events and provides a central and accessible location for corporate hospitality events to businesses throughout Leicestershire & Warwickshire.

We provide a range of professionally delivered team building activities, bespoke events, evening entertainment and themed events.

Tired of the same old team building concepts? Bored by hackneyed advice on how to achieve team harmony through activities? 

34 W beats the boredom by creating truly memorable events combining our own unique talents and expertise in food, wine, cocktails and event creation we provide fun team building packages that challenges, teaches and entertains, leaving a lasting impressions with your team members.

  • Unique memorable team building packages
  • Events which challenge, teach & entertain
  • Create team harmony through fun team building activities 
  • Bespoke, themed events & evening entertainment
  • Professional events team who plan, structure & manage your event
  • Encourage behavioural change & develop team effort

We can create a bespoke team building package no matter the size of your team. Whether indoors, outdoors or a combination of both, we plan, structure and manage events that encourage behavioural change and develop team effort. 34 W programmes build personal achievement within a team environment, develop understanding and interaction, and test leadership skills.

Team Building Restaurant Challenge

The ultimate of our team building events, we firmly believe in the science of relationship building, we believe the heat of the kitchen combined with the fast paced, multi-tasking front of house forges better relationships, within your teams you will learn the art of running a restaurant ending with providing a lunch or dinner service for guests.

Team Building Overall Brief

Each team are responsible for the complete process which starts by developing and costing the wine and food menu, understanding how to achieve the correct GP, procuring all their food and wine supplies, delegating team members into the correct job roles, working as a team prepping for service followed by the running of service and cooking for 20 invited guests. A successful and profitable service will therefore be dependent on the effectiveness of their planning skills.

There is always an enormous amount to do in a relatively short period of time so teams need to delegate the numerous tasks very carefully. Accurate project planning is essential to ensure the various tasks are completed on time and in the right sequence. Communication within the kitchen and between the chef and front of house must be regular, precise and accurate to ensure that all the deadlines are met and nothing is overlooked. The teams must remain focused, motivated and be ready to react to change.

Kitchen Team

We know that cooking in a pro kitchen puts people in a situation they may have seen but never experienced. A place where everyone has a vital role to play and where there’s nowhere to hide - with pressure that's both daunting and exhilarating. With us you'll discover your true performance potential. It's awesome fun too!

Front of House Team

Tight financial management, cost control and budgeting are of huge importance in order to achieve a successful restaurant, attention to detail is critical, customer service skills essential as is creativity, the pressure of running a service is unique and will significantly test the groups’ teamwork.

You only have one chance to get it right!

Please give us a call for pricing

Cocktail Masterclasses

Celebrating a special occasion, birthday, hen party or a night out just for fun? Our bartenders plus one of our cocktail master classes really is the best combo for a wicked time!

Group size Minimum 2 – Maximum 18

Signature Cocktail Master class £15.95
You and your friends will learn how to mix like a pro two of our signature cocktails, having some fun along the way. Taught by one of our experienced bartenders,first you get to do one of our signature cocktails, this is followed by what we call a “Technical Shake Off”, you will be presented with a finished cocktail & a list of ingredients, with your new found skills you should have no problem re-creating our surprise cocktail…right!
Advanced Cocktail Master class £28.95
This is one for the serious cocktail drinker, you get the same as above with a bit of some historical banter followed by learning a more technical cocktail & then you guys get to create your own from array of ingredients, an extra bonus point for the best named cocktail…we may even put it on our list.
Gin Master Class £29.95
Who doesn’t love Gin, from William of Orange, to Churchill to Snoop Dogg, Gin has a very colourful history. It has survived numerous wars, US prohibition, soggy lemon slices and substandard tonic, for almost 400 years. Over a tasting of 4 different gin, tonics & botanicals, we’ll explain the origins of the many nicknames our favourite tipple has picked up over the years; from “Dutch Courage” and the less attractive “Mother’s Ruin”
You will finish this class with a classic Gin Sours cocktail 

Feeling peckish or want to make a day or night of it, our classes can be followed on with our A la carte lunch, afternoon tea or dinner menu. For more details call 01455 234342 or email us 


Wine Cluedo

A fun evening to reward your staff or say thank you to your most valuable clients, nothing gets the conversation flowing like good food and wine.

Be a wine sleuth for the night!

In groups of 6 you will discover the delights of good food and wine, learn the basics of wine varieties, enjoy the conversation of colleagues and clients and leave knowing them that little bit better.

It’s time for you to immerse yourself in the ‘grey art’ of wine smells, flavours, colours and tastes to piece together clues and discover the identity of a series of mystery wines. Each wine grape variety has a very specific character, and these characters are all suspects in this mystery blind tasting challenge. Delivered by our expert wine master and served alongside a fabulous 4 course dinner prepared by Chef Arran Shaw and his brigade.

Have you got the nous to stop yourself from heading down a vinous dead end and the deductive skills to become a fully-fledged wine detective in our game of ‘Wine Cluedo’?

£1400 30 ppl - £1000 20 ppl - £870 16 ppl INCLUDES 4 COURSE DINNER, 6-8 WINES, WINE CLUDEO HOST & QUIZ

Murder Mystery Team Buidling


Example theme

'Murder on the Dance Floor' is set in 1974 and your hostess for the night (one of our professional actors) is Foxy Valentine, the hostess of Studio 69 a famous disco club. Once you had final numbers, I would send you a character sheet to fill out with your guests names, up to 19 people have a speaking role. They would all come as famous 1970's icons such as Marianne Unfaithful or Pierre Cardigan! Up to 19 of your guests would then get sent an invitation telling them who they are along with costume suggestions. (Theses guests are given token items of costume on the night).

The idea of the event is that you and your guests have come as VIP guests and judges to the pre competition dinner for the 1974 dance dynamo contest.(Dancing is not necessary!) After introducing herself pre dinner, Foxy and Jonny 'Snakehips' Spangle, a contestant in the competition, would sit you down for dinner and you would all be given cue cards with something to say at the appropriate time. After your starters you find out someone has been murdered and one of you is the culprit!

During the event various clues emerge and over dessert, in teams, you guess who dunnit!! There is also a 1970's themed quiz which you answer in your teams, the winning team receives an extra cryptic clue.

All in all it is a very light hearted event and a lot of fun! The winning team receives a bottle of Champagne supplied by us. We also provide a ’34 W Oscar’ to the most entertaining performance by one of the guests on the day!


It's A Knock Out Family Fun Day

Companies are realising the benefits of combining business with pleasure, establishing improved relationships with both employees and clients.

Our corporate Family Fun Days are a wonderful way for them to do just that, for your colleagues and family to meet, relax and share a day of fun together. 34 W Events offer the skills, knowledge and experience to work with you from conception through to completion; to advise and inspire you. However large or intimate your event, we guarantee a resounding success; impressive, unique, fun and stress free.

34 W is a one stop shop, we have the venue, an award winning catering brigade led by Head Chef Arran Shaw and as well as an experienced event team who have the ability to custom build programmes that can entertain and motivate no matter the size of your team. We guarantee a unique, fun and motivational day.

Available Period: May – September (Sunday – Thursday)

Venue: 34 Windsor St & Coventry Rd* (approx. 2 min drive from 34 W*)

Event: Family Fun Day

No: Min no 40ppl Max no 120

Activity: It’s a Knock Out & BBQ

Time Period: 12:00pm – 5:30pm (approx.)

Facilities: Parking for 22 cars, changing area, WIFI, Screen & Projector.

Additional Activities: On Request

It’s a Knock Out : Includes the following.

  • 6 x It’s a Knockout games
  • Compere
  • Event instructors
  • PA and sound system
  • A bottle of champagne for the winning team
  • Coloured shirts/bibs for teams
  • Pre-event client liaison
  • Event coordination and management
  • £10m Public Liability Insurance
  • BBQ & Drinks

Once It’s a Knock Out is complete everyone will head down to 34 where the winning team can claim their bottle of champagne and all can get stuck into a well deserved delicious BBQ & Drinks.


  • Pulled pork bap with homemade BBQ sauce
  • Hotdogs with burnt onions or chilli jam
  • Sticky Ribs Elvis Presley Style
  • Charred Lamb Pitta
  • Veggie burger
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Garden Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Tzasiki

Drinks Package Example

  • Adults x4 Alcoholic Drinks each of Beer, Wine, Spirit & Mixer or a Mocktail
  • Kids Pepsi, Lemonade or juice


Review of It's a Knock Out Family Fun Day 
Fantastic day had by all, gave the whole company a team bonding experience with the added advantage of getting to know each other’s families.  The actual day of events was very well organised, the team got everybody involved from the start and engaged all age groups throughout the afternoon.  This is an experience like no other from carrying a giant pizza over obstacles, it’s a knockout food chain to diving head first into an inflated washing machine of bubbles.  After the afternoons activities we were welcomed into 34 Windsor Street with refreshments.  The Chef’s provided a top class BBQ and the food was outstanding, the staff were attentive and very friendly.  Our team have definitely benefited from the day and improved their working relationships with each other.  An overall fantastic day from start to finish and we can’t wait to do it again this year


Please give us a call for pricing and further information.


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